Embodying Memory

The original choreography was composed in 2016 for the exhibition called "(dis)Comfort Women," which was a showcase coordinated by Korean and Chinese artists’ insights of victims from ‘Sexual slavery victims for the Japanese imperial army’ in World War II. The so-called ‘Comfort Women’ is a group of young women, who were forced to serve Japanese soldiers as sex slaves during the Second World War era and the survivors of sexual slavery victims have been suffered enormously from their physical pain and mental damages even until these days. Japanese government have been denying the existence of sexual slaves and avoided to admit their crime, therefore survivors have been fighting for the official apology from Japanese government. As a reflection of this vile history, Jiyon Song outstretches the issue into the imbalanced power dynamic between men and women by making statement about the survivors. Meanwhile, Hyeseon Jeon, collaborating film producer, focuses on the subject ‘fight,’ as all the painful effort of survivors for their human rights and dignity should not be neglected nor degraded.

Choreographed by Jiyon Song
Performed by Jiyon Song, Daniel Morimoto
Video-graphed by Nannerwave

Barbela Design

Making film 2018:

Sponsored by Barbela Design + RFG workshop

Videography by Nannerwave