Hye Seon Jeon is a Menswear Fashion Designer based in New York. Her initial motivation to get an education in art was her interest in drawing and painting, and she graduated Parsons The New School BFA program for majoring Fashion Design in 2017. A common theme across her whole collections are focused on rediscovery and message. Hye Seon believes in the functionality of clothing, although her work often tweaks its meaning through materials and shapes. Indeed, she also has a faith in her mission for spreading ‘positive influence,’ which explains the brand name ‘Nannerwave.’ Nannerwave is a combined word of the designer’s nickname ‘Nanner/Nance’ and the term ‘wave’ stands for a cultural influence or a trend. Because of her religious conviction and life philosophy, she has been trying to provide a message of ‘hope’ through her clothing and visual works. 




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